Rowan County, NC location of John Phillips land purchase.

John Phillips land in NC. "Go approximately 5 miles East of Mocksville, NC, or 15 miles West of Winston-Salem, NC on Interstate 40. Take Farminton Road Exit. Go North on Farimington Rd. 3.6 miles. Take a right on State Rd. #1444; this road is listed as Rainbow Road on the county map, however, the sign on the road lists it as Bobbitt Rd (the road number 1444 is correct on the sign). This is a dirt road and is straight across from Farmington Community Center. Go 1.3 miles to a small pond which is on the left and is about 30 feet off the road. There are 3 small ponds on the left about 400 yards apart, but the one you are looking for is the center pond. Standing on the roadway and facing the pond, you will see a small mound that is only 30-40 feet high, but it will be easy to spot because this land will fall between the pond and the mound. Standing on the roadway, you will still be on the land our ancestors owned. The location of this land was found by using old recorded deeds and geographical maps made by the government. The location is verified by Andrew Lagle (city engineer of Mocksville) who, in 1976, also drew up the map "Davie County Land Grants" (Source: Michael B. Phillips of Newton, North Carolina, a direct descendent of John Phillips) in March of 1986 to locate the above 210 acre tract of land where John and his family lived.

This land lies on Rainbow Road between the creeks and on the south side of the road. ( Source: The Customs House, PO Box 549, Jamestown, NC 27282. )