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Thomas Wiley Phillips 1835-1914

John Wesley Phillips 1871-1940

John Wesley Phillips' family 1903, Westbrook, Mitchell Co, TX

John Wesley Phillips' twelve children   1952

First known photo of a John Phillips descendant. John's son Gabriel was the father of Isaac, below.

 Descendancy Overview
Based on Janie Phillips Harrison's research.

I now think John was born c 1725 and birth order of children has changed. I will update this tree soon but in the meantime here is my version of births: Sarah or Sallie c 1751, Thomas c 1753, John c 1735, Gabriel c 1759, Ezra c 1762, Jonathan c 1770, Ruth c 1772, Robert c 1773, Elizabeth c 1774, Ann (but Mary Ann also) c 1775, Rebecca c 1777 . Following are from John's last wife Diannah m c 1787. All may have been adopted by John: Mary Phillips c 1785, Stephen, James, Elijah.

John's Descendants